She’s growing!!

We got more photos of our little pupster today…and of course that means I have to share them with you, because let’s be honest, we all know you are just as excited as we are….

I’m already becoming one of those crazy pet people….popping out pictures of our dog because we have no kids…”look at my puppy here…this is her first walk…look at how cute she is…isnt she the cutest?? ISNT SHE? SAY SHE IS!!”….problems…I have them.

Still have no idea which one she is…but I’m thinking shes the one with her face in the dark puppies butt…that’s just the kinda dog we are lookin for 🙂

7 weeks and counting.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I love how they just sleep where they fall- such cuties!

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