Week 7.

P (shouting from the other room): We should take a trip this weekend…
L: Where?
P: How about Boston?
L: yea, sure.

So we did. We got tickets at the last minute. Booked a quick 36 hour get away to Beantown.

We ate. We walked. We ate. We walked. We drank. We went to bed at 9pm. We ate Dunkin Donuts…Jim Gaffigan was right…they…are…everywhereeeeeeeeee. Bostonians do it up right, I love me some Dunkin.

We did the Freedom Trail. We saw old things. We went to Cheers. We went to Harvard. We went to a brewery. We went to the Aquarium (Baltimores wins…hands down…). We froze. We went home.

Now, I live right outside DC…I am used to seeing old historical things all the time. It’s no big thing to me, but something about the way Boston is set up was odd…Starbucks, starbucks, dunkin donuts, CVS, Site of the Boston massacre….like it’s nothing! In DC, we separate the old from the new…mostly. We mark things up like crazy so theres no possible way you can miss it. It was just odd to walk along like nothing and Boom…big important historical building…whatever works for ya.

Successful trip all in all. Next time Beantown I’m coming when it’s at least above 60, I wanna see me some Fenway and Swan boats.

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