Little Miss G.

The wait is over. The long awaited, pined, and hoped for Goggin puppy has made it into the world! She hasn’t made it to our home yet, but she’s here and will be ours in just 8 little weeks! She’s one of these little fluffy pups…not sure which one yet…but she’s in there, and we love her.




This litter produce 6 lil pups, only 1 boy…so our idea of a Sanford went right out the window when we knew we could have a puppy soon and wouldn’t have to wait for another litter. We’ve waited long enough, girl it is!

We were going back and forth on a name for our new little family member, but I think we’ve landed on a keeper. Gracie Goggin…has a nice ring to it :). We cant wait for this lil bundle of grace to bring love and light into our lives everyday.


How many trips to Petsmart do we think well take before she comes home? Im gonna say 5….but one can never be too sure 🙂


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  1. Lisa says:

    Gracie Goggin sounds perfect! Poor Pete, soon he’ll be out numbered.. 🙂

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