In response to…

what some of us were calling the “halftime show”…all I can say is…can we please give MTV or someone else a chance to produce these things again? Second chances are in order…it’s been awhile…we are over it…

High hopes. We all had high hopes for Madonna. She’s seasoned, she’s classic, most people like her, she doesn’t get naked on stage anymore, and she wouldn’t strut out in a dress covered in raw animal skin…safe bet. Someone in a navy suit with white shirt was patting themselves on the back with that one.

What they forgot to figure in was someone who was still able to entertain…Oops. Yes, She’s Madonna, just by being herself shes entertaining, but really…thats kinda it. Her new song is a love song to herself mixed in with pom poms and the always gyrating Nikki Minaj. Her “dance” moves were marching and arm popping at best. And we all saw her struggle to step on top of the bleachers…you can’t deny that…we saw it. Oh and throw in her terrible attempts at lip syncing and you have one pretty awfully boring halftime show.

People who “loved” it will love it just because its Madonna. Not because it was good. They like it because she made it through, and her creepy muscles weren’t showing, and pretty much no one was offended. They loved it because she reminds us of being young, crazy, and a little bit slutty.

So, Beyonce….if you’re out there…ya know…reading this…can you take a second from raising that sweet lil bundle of hip hop babyness to be the halftime show next year? You always rock it. You always sing live. You always look awesome. You always dance your booty off…even when preggies. You’re always good. So just do it…for all of us.

And next year when the Cowboys are in the superbowl they’ll have an awesome halftime show to go with their obvious victory :). Wishful thinking all around here today.



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