Week 6.

This week…mildly uneventful. Besides turning in my graduation application…this excites me…In addition to that, I had a surprise visit and lunch catch up session with my friend Jo from Chicago. Love that one.

This weekend, P and I went to Bmore to visit my crazy town brother who lives in Baltimore. He took us to this amazing mexican place that makes quesadillas as big as your head…probably bigger actually. P got one filled with mac and cheese and pulled pork….mac and cheese in a quesadilla people….epic. I stuck with the “healthy” version…spinach and mushroom…covered in a pound of monterey jack cheese….drooling right now.

Between the two of them, they tried every diarrhea color looking hot sauce. It was enough to make me gag…but they enjoyed it…until Tyler ate the fresh jalapeno and nearly died at the end. Entertaining to say the least.

After that, we did the typical married person thing and went to Ikea to buy replacement light bulbs and new glasses….exciting huh?

Oh, and I guess since today is the Super Bowl (even though I don’t care because both teams are stinky stupid teams)….I guess I’ll be begrudgingly routing for the Giants…they do rep the NFC East…so I guess thats cool….blech.


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