Train of crazies.

Metro…you have some crazy people on you…it never ceases to amaze me.


Today. Coming home. Sitting quietly obviously not wanting to chat with anyone, headphones in, doing crossword, all signs point to leave me alone. And this nutter in a bright green hat named Travis decides to plop down next to me and chat my ear off about how the deers and raccoons are out to get him. And how a spider bit him (showed me scar) then a cat scratched him (showed me scar)…and then he made up some rap…See thats how he makes a living he raps… Apparently people pay him to do this…I was expecting the typical, I rap for you you give me money thing that happens on metro a lot, but no, he went along on his merry rapping way to fight the deer and raccoons….

Maybe they find his lime green hat and his inability to leave people alone on public transit offensive..

Oh did I mention he went on and on about deer sex vs people sex and how deer don’t like to be watched just like people….

My stop couldn’t come fast enough.

Happy Tuesday.

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