Microwave Nazi.

There is this lady on client site…who gives me the creepies. She’s a receptionist of some sort, but either way, lady is unfriendly. She is the keeper of the projector, so I have to interact with her sometimes, but other then that I avoid her…because she is MEAN. She doesn’t even speak she just gives you the eyes and sassy pulling of the neck back and gasps of annoyance and mouth smacks…yall know what I’m talking about.

So anyways, on to my story. Today, we moved back to client site after nearly 2 months of them doing “Renovations” to make the place look “better”. It’s a call center. Short cubes, people everywhere, grey walls, you get the idea, it was better before. Anyways, they didn’t put a break room back into the office…cool. So today, I went snooping for a microwave before I knew this, and I found one…behind meanies cube up against a window…SO i thought hmmm that must be for everyone since its out in the open…so i scurried up to it all smiley like and didn’t notice when I guess meanie said some comment under her breath (Im assuming it was ….who do you think you are…or what are you doing…or b* back the bleep off my fun cooker). But, there was a sticker that said 5th floor…so I didn’t think anything of it. Until I felt the EYES. Those mean mean eyes that are the entryway of all that is evil. SO i politely asked if this was for everyone? No answer, just eyes, neck retreat and the head bob of “get the flip away”. SO I politely apologized and scurried as fast as possible away…eating my cold lunch in horror.

I can’t even put into the words the horror this woman puts into my soul. No longer will I be eating hot lunches on client site day…cold meals for me…simply to avoid ever having to walk near the microwave nazi again! I will miss you hot lunches, but its worth it to me if I never have to come in contact with those vicious, deamon-y eyes.

My only joy in this situation is knowing all the radiation that is seeping into her cube….ha. Enjoy your hot meals with a side of cancer. Justice.


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