This past weekend, P and I loaded up the car and bulldozed our way down 95 to visit his family in North Carolina. I haven’t spent much time in NC besides beach trips or simply driving through it, but this was a lovely opportunity for me to get to know this state that we sit on top of. We didn’t just arrive to smiles and hugs and “hey ya’lls”…no….the Fortiers are way above that. We pulled in to fireworks. FIREWORKS PEOPLE. FIREWORKS.

(This picture is from the second night of fireworks they set off, but you get the idea)

I was expecting silly string, water balloons, air horns, ya know the usual stuff, but they surprised me on this one. Kudos you crazy Fortier Five.

I should say Foriter six, there is Jake. The chocolate lab with an OCD problem. This slobbery love bug will chase a ball to the high heavens if he could. We can’t wait to bring our future pup back in the spring to let those two go at it and tire each other out for hours.

We had no agenda for our trip, which was awesome. We saw all the local/favorite stops. Starting with CHOW. Where they serve beers called the Left Handed Stranger and something something Shotgun Betty. Of course Annie and I made left handed stranger jokes for the rest of the trip, its only natural.

So now what, we’re full. It’s 70 degrees out (yes…70… in January…). So we headed over to a newly renovated childs dream land, Pullen Park. Everyone else had the same idea, but its not northern virgina so people were civilized and patient with each other.

And because we’re different, P decided to ride his goat animal thing backwards.

After this, Bowling. But not just your typical musty smelling, bad beer, awful lighting bowling. No, we’re talking first class, luxury, leather couch bowling. Do these exist in NOVA? Because someone needs to make one happen. I forgot to tell everyone that I um…am…how do I say this… a closet mildy good bowler…so when my first frame was a strike…I humbly did a lil/large victory dance. 🙂

We finished our speed hour of bowling, trudged home to eat pizza and play a vicious game of Uno Attack. Nothing brings out the inner psychological workings of a family faster than a board game, and one that shoots cards in your face is even better. I lost…I lost bad. I blame you Katherine.

All in all, Raleigh is beautiful. I love the architecture of the homes, the people, the weather, it was awesome. If you could put NYC 30 minutes outside of Raleigh, that may be what I would call my own personal Utopia…adding British accents of course.

(Speaking of architecture, isn’t their home gorgeous??)

Thank you Fortiers for a perfect weekend away!

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