A little googling…

Goes a long way. By now, ya’ll know Darren Criss is in How to Succeed for 3 weeks…and me being me, I had to hear/see this for myself. I saw it with Dan Radcliffe last February…and granted, he’s no Matthew Broderick, but he was pretty darn tootin amazing. So, i found some clips of mr. glee man and I have to say….womp womp.

He’s too “perfect”, he’s boring, he’s too nice… he’s meh…..Finchie is a manipulative little worm….Darren Criss is the nice guy in the office who remembers everyone’s birthdays. He may not have been the worlds best singer, but Dan Radcliffe had every quality needed to make a convincing Finch. Darren is just as soda pop shop over the top as he is on glee. boo.

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