Oh Dominion Power

How I hate thee. Our power goes out, all the $@!*&$# time. If the tinniest of breeze blows by our building, poof, power out for 3 hours. Today, there was a big bang, not just a whistling breeze. Big bang, power out. Loud noises of people screaming something. Loud noises of trucks banging. Loud noises not coming from my tv or computer, no because I had no power, but loud noises of people groaning and grumbling. Super. To avoid my frustration and putting my hand through the wall, I put the mountain of clothes away that was slowly but surely creeping its way up our wall, I suppose thats mildly productive…. Obviously, since I’m writing this our power is now back on. But trust me, it will go out again…..because the world has a mean, nasty, sense of humor. Ok fine world, I’m sorry for hating on Taylor Swift a lot today…but really…girlfriend can find another job…tell her to pass this one up! (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, look here: http://www.broadway.com/buzz/159198/taylor-swift-and-amanda-seyfried-round-out-les-miserables-cast/). And scene.



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