The Xmas Marathon

for 2011 is COMPLETE.

Nearly 300 miles of driving between Maryland and Northern Virginia and beyond to see family and celebrate the holidays. Yes folks, we survived with smiles on our faces and we enjoyed each and every minute of it! However, at some points I had no clue what day it was or day of the week it was. Thank goodness we had today off.

We started with our own christmas on Friday morning. We got up, P attemped to find my present hiding spot before I got up…he failed. It’s a genius spot. We unwrapped, ate waffles, and went to see the new Sherlock movie…I give it a B-…exciting at times…other times only good because of Jude Law..

Next up, off to my bro-sis-n-laws house on Friday to celebrate the holidays with them and our 2 lil nieces. Something about watching a 2 year old open presents is way more entertaining then watching adults…not sure why…just is. P gave up his stocking stuffer to introduce the wee ones to their first light saber….sans chocolate candies

We opened presents, rang around, played stop and go, peek a boo, you name it. P even acted as the donkey…

Next, we headed over to the ICE exhibit to freeze our patooties off in a big white bubble and look at ice sculptures and slide down a big ice slide.

Next stop. Maryland.

For football, meatballs, dominoes, pups, and more presents and eating.

Pops, dominoes wiz.

Sadly, this is where my picture taking ended, mostly because I was too pooped to snap anymore photos and also because my card was full…womp…womp…

But, we scurried up the interstate to visit more of P’s extended family, eat meal number 2 of the day, chatted with many, and packed it up to head out to stop number 3! Dinner and drinks with P’s dad’s family out in the burbs.

Christmas marathon ended around 11pm as we pulled into our parking spot, lugged everything up in one trip (thank you laundry baskets…). Slumped into the house and flopped onto to the bed.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity and love!! We are so blessed.

For the next few days you will find us trying to learn how to use our new MAC…we are PC people…attempting to live in a MAC world…wish us luck!!

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