“If you’re wearing 3 different plaids, they all match”

Every year, the “Slash party” happens. What is a “slash party”? At this point, there are so many “Slashes” that I often forget, but the gist is it’s an excuse to throw a christmas party, wear tacky sweaters (or…frosty and rudolph costumes), celebrate birthdays and half birthdays, chuck ornaments at my mother n laws tree and find joy in the sound of shattering as they hit the wall….jealous? It seems that as each year goes by, the desire to out-dress each other for the tackiest, most outrageous, ridiculous outfit gets more intense. The ‘drobes (wardrobes) ranged from corduroys with embroidered wreaths, clearly..frosty/rudy outfits, outfits containing 3 different, never to be worn together, plaids with matching chili pepper slides, and special kwanza sweaters. All only appropriate to wear one day a year. This one. SO, that means 364 days until they get dusted off again, thank goodness.

This is slashies 4th year of existence, and up until now…I have not partaken in the ugly sweater wearing, but this year, I convinced P to go all out with me and thug it out in xxl sweatpants and sweatshirts to be Frosty and Rudolph. This idea was genius, it was the most comfortable I have been at a party, EVER.

Getting the under belly justtttttt right.

Light up antlers are a must.

I may have taken the costume too far when I pasted yellow snow on myself….but it’s realistic….and it makes me laugh, ‘nough said.

P and I also scurried over to the national harbor to check out some of the Christmas festivities they had going over there…poor choice. I often forget we live in one of the number one tourist cities in the US….apparently there was some GINORMOUS conference going on (because everyone but us…had a name tag…with their names on it…at dinner…in public…outside of the gaylord….ahem….). And most every place had at least a 2 hour wait….sigh. Our fault for not getting reservations? Maybe. Other peoples fault for taking up our table and blocking the aisle with strollers (fold it up people) and shopping bags? More likely.

SO, we scurried around and P let me take pictures in the freezing cold temperatures.

How many lights are too many??

Apparently more than this…

The one place with a less than 2 hour wait…Bond 45…why? Because a plate of lasagna is 30 buckos….olive garden, 10 bucks…take note people.

Have I not enticed you enough to visit yet? Well…there is always the Peeps store…

Here, you not only find more marshmellow sugary concoctions than your lil heart desires, but it also kills your self esteem when your Husband gets a “blazing” on the Hot Tamales range and you get a “sizzlin…” (Blazing trumps sizzlin apparently)

Countless impatient toe taps later, we ate at this place (http://www.fiorellapizzeria.com/).


An italian joint with meatball sized lamps (they’re not really meatballs they just look like them to me…)

They’re not shy about their beverages either…

The waiter didn’t even smirk at my witty comment about these….you may have good pizza, but your waiters are too stuffy for us.

7 days 1 hour til Christmas.

Home stretch.

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  1. mom says:

    maybe dad and i could come sometime? hint hint:)

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