28 years.

Nope, that’s not how old I am….yet… but it is the number of years that my family has been doing the annual Christmas carriage ride through my hometown. Every year, we pile into a “horse drawn carriage” (this year…they subbed out the horses for Mules….k..), snuggle under blankets, and sometimes sing Christmas Carols off tune (this normally only happens when my cousin Kim is in attendance…she wasn’t here this year…hence no singing :P). We trot along, listening to my grandmother, uncle and dad tell historical Frederick stories, trying to out wit the other all along the way. I never know the answers to their history lessons…I think they like it that way. Even if I did know them, I might just say no so that they get the chance to tell me again :)…its the little things.

Afterwards, we all headed back to my parents house to eat, drink, and attempt some chestnut roasting…until my cousin Matt ruined Christmas by spilling them into the firepit…way to goooooooo….I guess we’ll forgive you eventually…maybe.

My family likes their traditions…this one I’m sure will stick around for as long as possible.

2 weeks til Christmas….final countdown is on!

3 generations
it was cold

We attempted some "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"...until Matt spilled them and ruined Christmas.

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