What do you want for Christmas?

Is what I’m saying a lot to people these days. I freely admit, that I am not the best gift giver. I try and make mental notes of gifts to give throughout the year, but like I’ve said early, I still can’t find my smart trip card…remembering that you wanted this one trinket at this one store in one of the many malls around here is hard, and I humbly admit that I fail, sometimes I don’t…but 97.5% of the time I do.

Some people get grumpy and huffy that they even have to be asked what they want for Christmas…”whats the point if you have to ask”..Um, the point is that unless you want a junky present that you’ll never use and is a waste of my money, then you’ll tell me. Or are you too embarrassed to tell me? Please, if you make this hectic shopping experience easy on me, I promise to not judge you for wanting something like new Tasmanian devil floor mats for you car or a subscription to the jelly of the month club (griswolds anyone??).

So, as I continue to ask and pry with my “what do you want for Christmas” question, it’s not me not being creative enough (just because you tell me something…there’s still a 50/50 chance I ignore that and get you what I think you really want :P), it’s not me not caring. It’s me prying for hints into your lil gift desiring soul, trying to feed your secret desires and sooth my gift giving anxiety. You wouldn’t want me suffering from buyers remorse or worse yet, having to witness the awkward moment when someone opens a gift and you instantly know they hate it…

So, I stand proud in my Christmas gift grand inquisition. No shame from this clueless shopper.

20 days til the big jolly day!


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