Hey mom…

Remember that one time when you got mad that I asked dad to let me buy the TLC cd “Fanmail” after you already told me I couldn’t have it so then you snapped it in half after you found out? This was probably one of the only times I was ever defiant and sneaky…that I can remember at least? You probably don’t remember. But I do.

Looking back on it…you were right…I shouldn’t of been listening to songs called “Silly Ho” and lyrics such as ” you and me…in my room…with no rules…” but I already had the TAPE (yes, tape) of Crazy Sexy Cool and my cd of the single for Diggin on you…it didn’t seem that big of a stretch at the time..but the bigger question is why I had these in the first place? (You probably didnt know I had them… :P). To build character probably. Or to be cool like the time I re-read and studied all of the lyrics to “Can I get a…” because all my friends knew the lyrics and I didn’t, and I didn’t wanna be stupid..so I studied them…and learned them..and to this day…. theres a space in my brain for those stupid lyrics that could be filled with more important things…like where I put my stupid smart trip!

Anyways, thanks for snapping that.




p.s. sorry to my dad for being a sneaky teenager and getting us both in trouble.

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