40 down.

5 credits to go.

5 credits. thats all that stands between me and academic freedom. that’s not so much right?? In comparison to the 40 that I’ve already knocked out…I can do this.

My fall semester ended tonight, meaning that there is only one class and one thesis project between me and that graduation date. Please go quickly before I murder everyone in sight.

I sometimes daydream about getting my hands on that diploma (in my dreams is a beautiful sunny day…make that happen God). I walk up, they say my name, I grab that big envelope in my hands and throw my hands up in the air and scream “I DID IT” loud enough to scare everyone in ear shot (it wont really happen this way, i’ll politely walk across the stage, grab and shake the hand of my dean, smile and wave, and walk back to my seat…the same boring way I did it for the rest of my graduations, but in my head, I’ll be jumping for joy and clicking my heels in the air)…I also sometimes dream about putting Lindsey Goggin, MPH as my Facebook status (social media nerd moment), but until then, the cynical hatred of grad school tweets will continue for a few more months.

That day will come, but today I’m just going to relish in the fact that I don’t have to sit in another 3 hour class until the middle of January….Merry Christmas to me. Bring on the holiday wine.

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