Its time….

to play the music, its time to light the lights, its time to meet the muppets…and go see the movie. pronto.

We went over the weekend, and if you are looking for the worlds most epic of films then you’ve clearly never seen a Muppet movie before and shouldn’t go see it anyways. But, if you are looking for 2 fun hours of sweet songs, wit, and knock you off your feet nostalgia. go see it. The only thing that drove me nutty was the constant references to how we have grown to cynical for the Muppets anymore (Avenue Q anyone…. just saying ) which maybe the case, but….maybe if they brought back the Muppet Show we’d lighten up again….someone make that happen. And then someone call me, because I’d love to voice a Muppet…

Kudos Jason Segal, you brought the Muppet cheese and song and dance to 2011. Do it again.

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