Can you tell?

If this is the REAL elmo? or Me?

For my final class presentation at school we created a literacy smart phone app for toddlers, and for one of our dissemination and promotion activities we are “Teaming” up with PBS and Sesame Street, and what child wouldn’t tell their parents about the app if Elmo was in a commercial about it? Clearly, the real Elmo is busy…and pricey, but I think I’m a fairly good substitute….freaky huh?? We’ll see how it goes over tomorrow in my final presentation.

I’ve sorta convinced my niece with this creepy voice of mine…she perks up and looks for Elmo whenever I slipped into character…I’m hoping to be able to manipulate my children into thinking their parents have the Elmo hook up one day…specially when their not behaving and Elmo just happens to call or show up…

I’m a woman of many odd talents, none of which generate income….womp. womp. Unless I start doing birthday parties or something…yea right.

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  1. Lisa says:

    one, you REALLY sound like elmo my friend.
    two, you have lots of “meet ___ (fill in baby name)” posts on here lately, CRAZY babies, taking over the world!

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