New York in November

Our trip started at 4:30 am. Departing from our underground garage and barreling up 95 and the Jersey Turnpike en route to the big city. It took us no time at all and surprisingly enough, we hit the parking garage jackpot (aka cheap and not hard to get to because driving in NYC scares me…please note I wasn’t driving, but that didn’t decrease the anxiety at all, even though P is a great driver…ya get it).

First stop of our day-cation, was brunch with P’s sweet cousin Diana who just moved to NYC a few months ago. We let her pick the joint, and she picked a great one. Pumpkin waffles at Penelope’s in Gramercy was just what the doctor ordered for 2 people who had been up since 3:30 without more than water and coffee.

I  normally eat breakfast within 15 minutes of waking up…so, I don’t really feel that bad about eating this entire plate of fall, waffley goodness…

After stuffing our faces, Diana showed us around her hood, took us to the Christmas market at Bryant Park, and walked us up to Central Park before shuffling us on our way to our show.

Free kettle corn samples…like I needed to eat more food after those waffles…

And because I can’t go to NYC without taking in show tunes and sitting in tiny theater seats, we saw the matinee of Sister Act (yes the musical version of the Whoppi movie from the 90s). And I have to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much. I had the cast album, and I liked it, but from what I saw at the Tony’s I wasn’t expecting to be blown away like normally, I was kinda, sorta, wrong.

First off, Patina Miller, great great singer, as far as a leading actress? Room for improvement, but if you just let her sing the whole time…she’d be amazing. This was Carolee Carmello’s very first show as Mother Superior, I had high expectations for her, and she didn’t let me down. I would of loved for her to “sing out” more, but she was modestly perfect. However…I think she is just too young for this role. Mother Superior to me is Maggie Smith. Wise, older, seasoned nun kinda stuff. Carolee is young, fresh faced, and sweet. I could never make the connection, but she was still incredible, and that voice of hers just booms off the walls.

The show went up and down for me. The first act started pretty slow and did not really pick up til the big ensemble number for Raise Your Voice, which for those who saw the Tony’s is 100X better in the show then that version. Those nuns really made it work. Act two is filled with a lot of slow and inner reflective songs, while sweet and beautiful to the ear, slow and momentum breaking for the entire show. All together though, its a great show, not the best i’ve seen, but I wasn’t expecting that. I still got goosebumps at points, so in my book, thats a thumbs up. SO, if you’re in the city, and looking for a fun, funky afternoon, check it out…it probably won’t stick around much longer :).

After our show, we booked it over to Hell’s Kitchen for dinner at the Ember Room. An Asian Fusion joint with 3 dollar Amstel Lights, sold. BBQ Shrimp Pad Thai and Pork Belly apps were deeeeeeelicious. But the best? was the company. Specially those who ordered manhattans in a low ball glass and got it in a martini glass instead….pinkys up

All in all, a wonderful wonderful day-cation. Can’t wait til our next trip!

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