New Addition.

Sometimes I think it’s funny to trick people. Like yesterday, when telling my parents about P’s and I new addition…I conveniently made it sound like we were announcing were preggo…cute right…?

SO, if we’re not preggo…what new addition could I possibly be talking about?  It’s not a new Couch, or digi pet or anything lame like that I can tell ya. But it is something we’ve been really really really really wanting for a long long long long long time :).

Coming in Spring 2012, one of these lil suckers will be ours!

dd pups
Not one of these specifically, but a new golden retriever puppy from Eldorado Goldens (
We CANT wait. I want him/her now. I want to smell its lil puppy breath and snuggle with it for hours.
Our current debate is whether to get a round or a square dog bed….I vote square, P votes round…do I need to turn this into a voting session similar to the colored vs white light debate from last year?? Could get interesting.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa says:

    i cant believe i didnt comment on this when i read it weeks ago. ps are you wanting a boy play mate for tucker or a girlfriend for tucker? just curious!

  2. lcmerchant says:

    Boy is preference, but well take anything!! Can.not. wait for those inevitable play dates :).

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