Crance vs. Matheny

My family is one busy clan, and it’s rare that we all get together on one afternoon at the same place to reconnect. My aunt made sure that was going to happen this year, she is one driven lady. So, we all got together on Sunday to eat, drink, play football, and get covered in grass stains and face paint.

The wee kids had more fun playing in this giant purple death trap orb than socializing with us boring adults…I don’t blame them, however there was no way I was ever squeezing myself into this thing:

As Lydia can tell ya, it’s not just fun, it does GREAT things for your hair 🙂

And it’s apparently fun to squish.

Talking and catching up turned into a heated game of “touch” football (I say this because this two hand touch rule turned into heavy tackling and defensive techniques after awhile). No one trusted my skillz right away, but I showed them, I’m the girl version of Jason Whitten…that is until my toe gets stepped on and cracked because I was running with no shoes on…Oops.  The Crance side (aka mine) lost…sadly, but we gave it our best shot, next time though…

Just look at that quarterback coverage…

Evidence of the lack of “Two hand touch” football…Uncle Mike, down for the count.

After football, I followed the littlest one’s around… we opened peanuts, over and over again, P showed them how to put bean bags in holes, and then we got our faces painted.

The whole gang has grown a bunch since our last “Group” photo. If ya’ll could all focus in on that scary face peeking out next to my head…that’s my brother…good face Ty.

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