is about the time that I’ll be getting up tomorrow. But, lets be honest, I probably won’t sleep at all in anticipation so it won’t be that drastic..until 8pm rolls around tomorrow night and I can’t keep my eye lids open…

Tomorrow P money and I are headed up for a day trip to NYC to hang with each other, family, friends, and dancing nuns (‘m excited for this, P is not so much, but he loves me best)…and hopefully not rubbing elbows with angry protestors.

P and I haven’t gotten away in a long time, so it’s a much needed day-cation to refuel our tanks before the wonderful hectic-ness of the holidays (I’m making up words left and right in this post). It’ll be a day of pushing annoying tourists aside (even though we are some of them…I think we know the rules of the sidewalk simply by living where we live), eating too much, walking a lot, window shopping, people watching, celebrity hunting, and more.

So, tomorrow at 4:30 am we shall be pulling out of our garage into the dark, disgusting morning darkness to trudge forth up 95 in route of lovely lovely NYC. It’s a wonderful town ya know? The bronx is north and the batteries down…And the people ride in a hole in the ground….New york, new york…what a wonderful town.

Cameras charging, gas in tank, free 48 hour spotify premium set for the trip….we’re ready!


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