For the next 5 months.

My world is going to revolve around Zombies? Why? Ha, let me tell you.

Now, I don’t like Zombies. They scare the living wahoozits outta me, but they do produce an encouraging and interesting topic for my MPH thesis that is finally upon me. Oh lord.

For those not in-tuned with the CDC, they recently launched a rather interesting emergency preparedness campaign, aimed at a younger target audience, in hopes of encouraging individuals to be more prepared an educated for natural disasters and emergencies. Normally, these campaigns are super dry and boring…reason why no one is prepared…so What does the CDC do? Creates a campaign completely focused on preparing for a zombie apocalypse. The beauty of this is that the same components and steps required to prepare for a natural disaster as a zombie attack. Who knew….

So, for the next 5 months I’ll be striving to figure out if this campaign is actually effective at achieving their goals of encouraging individuals to act…or if its just another one of those fascinatingly interesting, yet ineffective campaigns that falls short of its objectives.

Wanna know more? Click that lil button to the left :).

Wish me luck!

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