“My only comment is more teeth”

That’s the only witty comment that stuck in my head after Tuesday nights glee because lets face it….aside from a few ok musical numbers, it was stupid.

Really? you’re going to give up your virginity to act better in a HIGH SCHOOL musical…and oh, you’re going to sneak into a gay bar with a fake ID to dance with drag queens…for the love of all that is public health, STOP IT. Ugh, really Ryan Murphy…really?!!?!?!

All that aside, besides cutting out the beginning of “America”…in my opinion the best part…and the sweet rendition of “One Hand, One Heart” (This non-lover of West Side Story even had to humbly admit that was sweet)….the episode was capital L A M E.

WHERE IS SUE????? Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

You can’t have the lyrics “And the bullets flying…” but you can have a whole episode on sneaking into bars and potential first times in backseats? Ok. sure. I get it….psht.

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