My camera is tired.

My poor camera. It’s been worked too hard…I took lil Nikki (my new name for my overused Nikon) to a baby shower today for Baby Harris, you know the one with the precious nautical nursery…and it appears that Nikki was too stubborn and tired to take any in focus pictures of people. We have nice, focused shots of the details, but as far as people goes…this lil brat just decided to blur everything, I get it…you need a break. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.

Moving on.

Todays baby shower was held at my Mo n Law’s house for sweet Anna Catherine. She’s having a baby boy in December and little John Paul is now hooked.up.

The onesie clothespin, all the rage on pinterest these days.

How many target gift bags can you spot?

How big is AC’s belly? I guessed too big, no hard feelings I hope 🙂

How many baby things can I think of in 30 seconds? Not very many…pathetic.

Adorably witty magnets.

One thing is clear, JP will be the cleanest lil nugget on the block. He has his Monday tub…his Tuesday tub…his Wednesday tub….

The lovely hosts with the lovely mom to be…again with the blurry….pause for outburst of rage (&*^DSHDS^%$^%$^%$!!!)

Alright baby, they are ready for you…see you in a few weeks :).

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