A game ball for my dad.

My dad has been going to Maryland Terrapin games since he was 5 years old. He just turned 61, do that math, that is a long time. I always consider him to be their most loyal, number one fan. If ya’ll know me, you know my dad takes the big red van to every home game (when it starts) and has for over 30 years. It’s an institution, just like my dad at MD games.

Today, his loyalty and awesome tailgating was recognized on the field at Byrd Stadium. He walked out with his standard hat, Maryland wind breaker, velcro white sneakers, binoculars, head phones, and Maryland scarf to accept the game ball signed by the new head coach Randy Edsall. My dad doesn’t get giddy or excited over too much, its a struggle to even get him to smile in pictures, but I knew…this made his day. Granted, his real wish is to some day pull the canon during touchdowns…but this is a great start.

Way to go pops, you deserve it.

waiting to go down…

Heading down onto the field…

moms excited.

My dad, on the field….so glad I was here for this.


One day he’ll smile in a picture…one day.

Such a fun day with the whole crew, MD took a pretty good beating, but that was sorta/kinda/completely expected.

Maybe next year.

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  1. Jeffie says:


    I’ve been proud to be a friend of your Dad’s for over 50 years (yeah, that’s fifty) and knowing your Dad, even if he doesn’t smile much……..I know in my heart that this really meant a lot to both he and your Mom! I also heard about Mossy and all of the antifreeze that he ingested to ward off the early morning cold (been there done that).
    As I told your Dad, Jimmy would have been proud of even Mossy on this day.

    Love ya,

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