Last night…

I had a dream I met Sutton Foster (again…but this time we were old friends)…and she was showing me some quilt she was making after a show…what is that about?

Oh, and also.

Me and Rosie had an indepth conversation via twitter…not really…and she kinda shut me down, but whatever, my presence on this earth has been acknowledged by her…the woman who introduced me to my disgusting broadway obsession…acknowledged ME.

I’ve sent her a bunch before such as “Please bring Sutton Foster on your show and give me front row tickets”….obviously no response on that one…. Or “You know what goes good together, Joanna Gleason on your show and me in the front row” (notice the rhyme)

This is how it went down.


You must be thinking…but Lindsey, she said No to your request… which yes, she did, but did I really expect her to say ” Why yes person i’ve never met, come work on my show”…uh, no. That’s not a lame retweet people, thats a RESPONSE. BOOM.

Alright, ya’ll are probably reading this thinking I have LOST it. But, I sat on the couch last night and just giggled for a few seconds, Pete told me I should have said something along the lines of “Well…you know who to call when he goes on vacation”. ….who knows…maybe she’ll think of me someday…(I know she wont…but you NEVER know, she put that big smiley woman as her announcer until 2012, maybe she can request me for a bway consult someday…)

End of weird post.

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