Husband of the year…

Is mine. Sorry ya’ll who thought yours was great, you’d be wrong.

P money came home last night, sat on the couch after a long day of work, and humbly told me that we are going to NYC on the 19th, and that he’s been keeping it a tid bit of a secret for a long time, but couldn’t keep the secret anymore. Joyous, joyous day.

I’m different. Most people like purses, jewelry, flowers, fancy cars…not me (I mean those are great and all), but as for me… I like showtunes. I like old musty theaters. I like the smell of roasted nuts on the NYC street corners. I like collecting free playbills and waiting outside stage doors for ensembles to sign them. I like the anticipatory excitement that fills my soul 5 minutes before the overtures start. I love having a husband to share this with. My husband loves me something good.

I’ve been trying to trick myself into not being sad that we had no time to go to NYC until spring time…which for me…is a LONG dry spell. NYC in the fall, specially around Thanksgiving, is my favorite. I know its crowded and chilly and the people stand in middle of the sidewalks without moving because they’re starting at their plastic maps… but it’s still my favorite.  NOW, because P is the best, I get to go in 2 weeks  to soak in the festiveness of NYC during Thanksgiving to see…..drum roll please…..

An afternoon of Dancing Nuns….what could be better???

And you know the BEST part, starting NOVEMBER 19 ( ya know the day were going), Carolee Carmello will be playing Mother Superior. SQUEAL. She BLEWWWWWWW my socks off in Addams Family, and I can’t wait to see how she tackles this role taking over for Victoria Clark.

So, in 2 weeks, P and I will be getting up before the sun to drive up to NYC for a day of eating, nun dancing, window shopping, and frolicking. We’ve never driven into the city before….this could be an adventure in itself :). Ha.


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