Valley View Farms.

There still ohhh lets say 56 couple of days til Christmas….Yes, it’s October 30th, and Halloween is still tomorrow, and we haven’t hit Thanksgiving yet, but whatever, don’t judge me that I spent the day looking at santa clauses and xmas trees. My mom and I LOVE a big, fat, warehouse of Christmas decorations, and no matter the time of year, we be going. If you’re in the area, Valley View Farms in Cockesville, MD (pause for immature giggle) is one of the best around. They’re still in the midst of their fall harvesty season, so before we headed into the big warehouse of jollyness, we snooped around outside and met…

Whaley the pumpkin….how much do you think he weighs?

If you guessed 868 pounds….you’d be correct.

On top of whaley the pumpkin, there was a plethora of ugly gords/pumpkins that nobody else wanted:

I’m attempting to take my camera with me as many random places as possible, mostly to try and improve my skillz, I’m failing at my hope of taking more pics of P and I, but for now, the surroundings will continue to suffice.

Onto the holiday stuff!

I do believe I have both of these Big Ben ornaments….

P and I are not putting up a tree this year, mostly because last year was such a hassel with getting it into the apt and getting rid of it, so i’m just going to imagine all of this is in our place.

Including these Dept 56 snow village pieces:

Now…i’m not too crazy into Christmas yet…I haven’t even watched Love Actually for the season yet…but don’t worry….that starts on Tuesday :).

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