Shower the people

And by people I mean just one….Kathleen or as we affectionately refer to her as KR. KR’s lil cupcake as shes been calling her is due in December, so that means an afternoon of baby cuteness and cupcake eating was absolutely necessary. KR loves childrens books and stories, so to play on that her sweet mama and sister threw together the sweetest book inspired baby shower with old toys included.

They put me in charge of games, and I boldly attempted a craft project that didn’t turn out horribly. I came across a post where they made a calendar to guess the babys birthday, I humbly stole this idea and made one for the mama to be, I plan on framing it with a big red circle for the winner!

And my favorite, the “dont say the word that is almost impossible to say at a baby shower”… “baby” game.

Children’s books cupcakes….too cute to eat…we managed somehow.

No baby shower is complete without an already born adorable big squishy baby, meet John David. He’s new.

Instant excitement.

Even dad to be gets excited over eagles kiddie books.

Can’t wait to meet the lil cuppie cake soon!!

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