Im 26, so what

Actually I’m 26 1/2 next week, don’t worry, I certainly didn’t expect any of ya’ll to remember my half birthday, at this age I’m starting to latch on to that trend of hating birthdays anyways.

But, i’m not writing to discuss how I’m 26.5 years old, thats boring. My question to the blog abyss is, what’s it mean to be 26 (and a half). Up until now, the ages have been hit with milestones for the most part. 16- drive, 18-vote, 21-drink (legally), 22- graduate, 25- get married, 26-…freak out about what next.

P and I are working through those major life decisions that have potential to impact the rest of our lives. They feel like big kid decisions…like say 30 year old decisions…are we old enough for such things? ( I know we are…it’s just weird). We’ve moved past the trivial decisions in marriage such as who sleeps on what side of the bed, who cleans the dishes after dinner, yada yada. Now we have to figure out what’s next, whats that mean, whats that mean for us now, whats that mean for us in the future, are we ready for that?, how do we know thats the right thing? (my list can keep going).

In general, my head is a giant swirl of hypothetical situations. You don’t want to be in my head, it’s a tornado-y mess. My pediatrician as a kid used to look into my ears and say he saw “elephants in my ears”, now he’d see a big windy mess of thoughts and ideas. I’d like the elephant to come back.

It’s time for us to get down to business and put on our big kid pants and figure it out. 26 must mean the shift from rolling along to hoping on the white water raft and trying to hold on because the rivers about to split in a bunch of directions, and you better pull it towards the right way or else you’re going to find yourself in a gator pit or something. (I know gator’s dont like living in choppy rivers, but whatever)

Best part about being 26 and married, I have a partner on my raft to help us row it in the right direction.

Just keep swimming.

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