Jens Bridal Shower

I just got back from celebrating my dear friend Jen’s bridal shower in Ellicot City, MD. For those in tune with “soror” speak, Jen is my little from AST/JMU. Ironically neither Jen, nor I are little, in fact we be tall:

Jen’s getting married in December, so that means, an afternoon of good food, family and friends, cake, and gifts!

Jen’s adorable curly headed niece Julianne wanted to open gifts so badly…but when it came time…she was too tuckered out:

Jen’s sister Kristy did a beautiful job with the cake, games, food, everything:

Hot pink cake….yea buddy

Jen’s beautiful batch of bridesmaids

Can’t wait for the big day, mostly to see this precious lil gem as the flower girl

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