The new Rosie…

is not the same as the old Rosie. It’s like old rosie….”oprah-fied”, which ya know makes sense since it’s on her network at all… but…I want my old koosh throwing Rosie back.

Old Rosie- Good

1. Incorporated song and dance and half naked broadway boys (song was terrible, but this opens my heart to know that there may be some broadway action on her show) I was hoping for more of this action though…this stuff…was golden:

New Rosie- Bad

1. Set was too “Oprahy”…she needs to be behind a desk…she can’t pull off the chair only like Oprah and Ellen…get her a desk.

Desk= good

Old Rosie- Good

Game show…love them…love her in them…lets have more of them…and give me tickets so I can come be on them, reminded me of back in the day when N Sync was on her show and did these shows…lets make THAT happen again

New Rosie- Bad

Only one guest? Really? I like Russell Brand, but is she really going to just talk to one person the whole time? I get it was the first show and all.. but come on.

New Rosie- More bad.

Opening stand up? I hope that doesn’t last. Let’s go back to your lil jiggy out behind the curtain and say a few things of banter between your band leader and shimmy over to your desk and start the show. Oh yea, and bring John back.

I’m giving you more time to prove this loyal Rosie fan wrong…I have high hopes, don’t let me down Ro…don’t let me down.

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