It’s weird.

That the Kardashian’s say the word “bible” like its a common thing. Not sure why they don’t just say the word “seriously”, they talk like valley girls every other moment of the day, why are they avoiding this one commonly used word and replacing it with “Bible”. It’s not like they are the picture of Christian goodness…we all know that’s not true…(Ray J….nuff said), so I’m not totally sure why they use this “Bible” thing all the time, they even have their homeboys Kris Humphries and Lamar using it…what gives.

Will this stop me from watching the show? Psht, heck no. I’ve become disgustingly obsessed with this kook’d out Kardashian klan (look at all those K’s). But…if their publicists could encourage them to talk like normal people, that’d be great, otherwise I may start using it in conversation unknowingly…and none of us want that to happen.

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