Grand inquisition

So… yesterday, I went to the mall to check off some gift buying for the plethora of wedding/baby showers coming my way in the next few months. I ended up at Macy’s because it was one stop shop for the most part. So, I go to make my purchase of the precious lil baby things…and the lady at the counter…decided to give me the grand “when are you having kids” inquisition…

Cashier: Awww, congratulations on the baby!

me: no…its not for me…they’re gifts

Cashier: do you have baby already?

me:…nope…not yet.

Cashier: why you no have baby?

me: were just not there yet…

Cashier: babies bring such happiness, you no want happiness?

me: no its not that, were just…

(cuts me off)

Cashier: aww thats ok, maybe soon….are you married?

me: ahem..yes.

Cashier; thats good thats ok, step 1 to baby outta the way… get the husband, then the baby…otherwise…not good …very not good…

awkward silence while she rings me up

Cashier: hopefully we see you back here soon to buy for yourself!

me: yea, thanks.

(scurry away quickly)

Next time, I’m buying online. The online confirmation emails don’t make me feel bad about my non-babyness.


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  1. mom says:

    So wish i could have been a fly on the wall!!!

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