New 2 year old in town.

My niece Abby turned two this past week and she had the perfect lil train themed birthday to prove it.

Abby’s mom is one crafty lady (way…way…way…better than this one could even attempt), each year she goes above and beyond to make sure her lil ones birthdays are as sweet as can be:

If my kids hope for parties like this, they’re going to be sadly disappointed…:P, Store bought and overly manufactured will probably be the theme of our future parties. I’ll send them over to Aunt Sara’s for the fun crafty times.

P wasted no time in jumping in there and playing with the trains…mmhmm.

It was a sweet, sweet day for one sweet lil two year old:

Her lil sis (whom at this point in time finds me to be her least favorite because she cries every time I’m around her, i’ll be working on changing that…pronto) even popped her eyes open to be a part of Abby’s big day. In my arms she wails and fusses, but in P-Pat’s arms…calm as can be….maybe it’s my perfume….hmmm

It’s hard to believe Abby is 2, when it feels like just the other day she was as small as Miss HK, I’m sure her parents feel that way more than any of us, but still…really Abby 2?? Slow down on the growing up will ya kid!

Unless growing up means you’ll let me put bows in your hair and keep them there…then growing up faster is cool… 🙂

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