Bravo has fired Jill, Alex, Kelly, and Cindy (i’m not hating on this choice, she brought nothing to the show)

…and they kept Sonja, Ramona, and LuAnn. Three of the most annoying and self-centered women on television… REALLY??

No more Jewish wisdowm? No more Bobby Zarin? No more wacked out Alex and Simon?? No more normal Kelly who everyone thought was a nutcase, but is really the only voice of reason on the show?

Who the flip are you going to add to the show to be able to handle the three nut jobs you’ve left on the show? I can’t stand a season of bankruptcy, stupid parties, trashy men, Ramona’s wacky eyes and  talks about her nasty Wine, and LuAnn’s self centered and egotistical “classy” lifestyle…

I give you one episode to prove to me that this was a “smart” choice….but I doubt it.


Angry, loyal real housewives fan signing off.

When’s Bethany coming back??

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