The great debate.

Nope, i’m not talking presidential here…i’m talking the color of the hair on my head.

I’m a bit of a nut about my hair…you’d think I styled it and conditioned it everyday, but I don’t. You’d think that I get it cut and highlighted on the regular…but I don’t, which is where I am today…rootin and tootin with split ends out the wazoo.

But, when I am desperate for a ‘hair rebirth”, it always gives me an ulcer. Do i go short? (No, remember Lindsey, you did that last fall and you hated it), Do I color it all over? Do I add more layers? (again, you are lazy with blow drying)…

But this time around, my dilemma is a bit different. Normally, it’s sit down in chair, I say “The usual” or “make me blonde again” and thats the extent of my decision making. But this time…this time…i’m contemplating something different..

To go natural (aka darker) or stick with what I know…

I’m starting to get tired of these lil dark roots that give me away that I’m not a “natural blonde”…( as if my eyebrows didn’t already do that)

I haven’t had my natural color since about 8th grade…But, I’m at the point now where I’m thinking…I could give it a try..

My eyebrows are “browny/blonde”…the underside of my hair is “browny/blonde”…it must mean that I’m “spose” to look “good” with this color right?

But then, last week when I watched tangled for the first time, it gave me the complex that blondes were better and more “magical”…(stop it girl, its a disney movie, get over it).

So, I need input…what do we think?

Stick with the blonde…or go natural.

I also must mention that I’m in a wedding in 2 weeks and I don’t want to be the stupid bridesmaid that tried a new hair color the week before the big event…I make fun of those girls…don’t let me be one.

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