Blogging Boundaries.

I believe in them. I believe in them ALOT. It constantly amazes me how much people are willing to share via blogs, facebook, twitter, youtube,  status updates, blah blah blah. Whatever happened to the age of self preservation, modesty, and just not sharing every lil thought or action that pops into your head?

For example. I came across a blog this morning where the author (who shall remain nameless, as shall the URL) described her morning routine…including fertility temperature taking and “toilet time”. I’m sorry. No. Please delete. And remove yourself from the internet. I understand the concept of being “vulnerable for your readers”, but I firmly believe in the beauty of not sharing everything for a whole bunch of strangers who really don’t give a fiddle except maybe to giggle and judge…on occasion. This blogger has many repeatable offenses in the lack of blogging boundaries…including butt pimples and too much crying…someone stop her. (or someone stop me from reading it??)

Ya’ll already know how I feel about the pregnancy status updates…no need to continue there.

Now, status updates. When did these turn into modern day AIM away messages (ya’ll remember those when you used to list what you we’re doing all day in college, mostly so that people could find you if they needed to)? I believe that status updates should be free of stupid spamming/chain letter junk related to bra colors, mental hospital whatevers, etc. etc. I believe they should be free of your vague and passive outburst on your emotional state that day.  They should be free of emoticons begging and searching for someone to just ask you what’s wrong. They should be free from over sharing, if you wouldn’t care or want to know it about someone else…don’t say it about yourself.

Like i’ve said before, let’s bring the sarcasm and the wit and the happiness back. I don’t know if I can take reading about peoples emotional and physical ailments anymore on the internet.

Censorship…time for a comeback. Or better yet, let’s bring back the age of modesty is the best policy…

Kindred/old soul spirit signing off. And leave knowing that here, you will never read things about “toilet time” or “butt pimples”….vom.


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  1. naomii says:

    haha. i love this. the only thing to add to pregnancy status updates, is the ever wonderful LIVE BIRTHING status updates. “i’m rolling on my birth ball” & ” now i’m in my hot tub about to give birth”. my fav. ❤

  2. Lisa says:

    i enjoy you. yep i dont think i need to say much else.

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