Dance Moms.

On lifetime, is amazing. It’s like a time warp. Watching this group of young girls hit all of the competitions I went to as a kid is a lil nutty. Granted, these lil dancerettes are WAY better than I was at their age, but still, it’s amazing.

It reminds me of going to competitions with my mom and our “crew”, granted we had way more fun, were way nicer to each other, and actually enjoyed each others company. Waking up at 4 am, driving for hours, eating icky fast food with bright red lipstick, carrying my purple caboodle everywhere…ahhhhh good times.

The moms are the best part. Busy-body moms with nothing else to do but sit in a room and watch their daughters for HOURS. And then, all of the road trips and everything to competitions each weekend on a charter bus? SO.GOOD. They fight over the dumbest things, like who is going to put sequins on whose costume. These moms are drama addicts. Back stabbing, trash talking, child bashing, it’s great TV. They bribe their children to rehearse with ipads…its serious people.

The dance director puts the girls in a pyramid each week based on their performance over the weekend….this screams psychologically damaging for the rest of their lives. I dunno bout ya’ll, but i’ve never seen a dancer from Abbey Lee Miller on So you think you can dance (if I’m wrong…tell me who??)….tone it down.

Looking for trash tv to fill the void before the fall tv season comes back on? Tune in to dance moms, you won’t be able to watch without your mouth falling open…

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