Battle of the “Dots”

I love a good comparison between roles. Each actor or actress always brings their own sense of style, timing, and characterization. The funny part is, everyone has their favorite, and that’s how they will see it for ever. Getting into the discussion of who is the best “Mama Rose” with someone could end in a fist fight (We all know it’s Patti, I dunno why all ya’ll just don’t get on board). Whose your favorite “Eponine”? Oh, you like her better? We can’t be friends anymore. Cut.throat stuff.

This morning on my spotify, “Move on” was the first song to get my day going, kinda fitting as if the world is telling me to “move on and stop watching regis and kelly and get to work”. Ok, I got it.

Sunday in the Park with George was one of those shows that just kinda fell into my lap. I had been thinking “psht that shows gonna be boring, i don’t want to listen to that”. A show about a crazy painter who paints people in a park in the heat? Meh. Stephen Sondheim can’t be a genius all the time right? He’s gotta make some not so great shows (which he did only because the audiences weren’t on board)

Boy was I stupid. Of course he’s always a genius. Wish I could go back in time and smack myself.  Now, it’s one of the only albums I “own” on itunes. That says something about how great it is if this cheapskate actually shelled out the moolah to purchase it…

Now, the question of the day is, whose a better Dot? There’s really only two options here that even are allowed for consideration in my mind…Are you a Bernadette fan….or a Jenna Russell fan?


Jenna Russell:

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