Episodes of Cosby. That’s how many I watched…and yes, I realize. I am insane.

But, I loved all 201 episodes of my lil cosby marathon. I still have to say the very first episodes are the best ones. The dynamic of that family is just too precious. love love love it.

There were funny tweaks when characters came in and out of the show (similar to Roseanne with the old and new Becky) that I had forgotten about when I watched as a kid. Denise popped in and out whenever she decided to come back to the show…so to solve that they sent her and her navy husband to Singapore, but left their sweet lil step daughter Olivia behind to fill the void of the no longer sweet and innocent Rudy…clever Cosby. Throwing in “Cousin Pam” to bring some hip new teenage life to the show when boring Vanessa and Theo grew up… I tell ya…those writers, never miss a beat.

Now that my Cosby marathon is over, I have so many options to pick from for what is my next lil 90’s sitcom marathon…and I think I have my new pick:


Ooooo yea, 151 episodes of the witty show based upon a small town airport…i’m sure P is gonna LOVE this :).

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  1. MP says:

    If you REALLY want Pete to be on board with your sitcom marathon you’ll want to watch Aaron Sorkin’s SportsNight, One of the top 5 sitcoms of all time. No kidding. AMAZING dialog, wonderful characters, funny and heart breaking and romantic. Awesome, awesome, awesome.


    It is near the top of my Netflix queue. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

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