We need.

A breeder.

We did what everyone told us. We didn’t get a dog in the first year. We we’re good, (it also helped that we can’t have one in our apartment, but now that we’re moving in a few months….bring on the pup). We’ve been avoiding pet smart on weekends (basically all together) because that’s when the puppies and dogs are all there for you to adopt. I’ve stopped looking at daily puppy everyday because the torture is too much. BUT, we’ve been patient. We’ve been good. But now, WE WANT A DOG (in the next few months).

But, we need to find a breeder now and figure out when the lil pups will be coming into this world. What kind of breeder you ask? We’ll the ones who breed these precious lil babies:

SO, if anyone knows of a reputable Gordon Setter Breeder (closer than SC or GA…because that’s all i’ve found so far), we’d greatly appreciate your help :).

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  1. Lisa says:

    oh my gosh! they are adorable- i cant wait for your pup to be friends with tucker!

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