Two types of people.

I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of people in this world. You’re probably thinking…Lindsey…that’s stupid…there about about a thousand, million, cajillion, types of people in this world right? Well, you’d be wrong.

In my life, I have come across two types of people…the Pottery Barn people…and the Crate and Barrel people. (Ikea people mix between the masses…they do not discriminate)…and I don’t know any Williams and Sonoma or Sur La Table people because I don’t associate with anyone that can actually afford anything in those stores…I mean really?? 30 dollars for an apple slicer? Get over yourself.

Now, I am a Pottery barn person. I like the classic look and feel of knowing everything I buy from them is never going to become outdated or trendy. I like the clean lines and the traditionalness (made this word up) of it all. I open the catalog sometimes and just melt at the new textiles or table decorations. I then look at the price tag and cry, but in that moment…it’s home decoration magic.

I love a good paisley, soft muted print, and don’t ya know it so do the designers at the PB, thanks guys. I love all white dish wear. I love big bulky serving pieces. I love candle holders and pillars and baskets. And on top of all that…they’ll monogram basically anything for ya on the cheap…sold.

Crate and Barrel people are a bit more edgy. They like things like square plates and geometric shapes. They like things more simple, less cluttered, and maybe even a bit abstract. Brushed nickel and oddly shaped lamps are their thing. Bright colored plates and non-matching dishes are their cup of tea. Black and white walls with bright colored accents? Sure, they’ll love it.

I need round plates. I am not modern. I am old fashioned.

I try to be a Crate and Barrel person sometimes because the prices are WAY better… but I just can’t. When P and I were registering for our wedding we walked into a crate and barrel and right back out because we realized…we don’t belong here. We (mostly me) are not hip or chic enough for this place. We strolled over to the nearest Pottery Barn and soaked in the matchy, matchy never gonna change atmosphere and felt….home. Swiftly pulled out our registering gun and selected as many matching white plates and candle holders as humanly possible.

Which type of person are you?

I’m curious to see if anyone has successfully managed to merged these two styles together into a collaborative home decorating environment.

Can PB and CB coexist together in the same household??

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