“Wit” is coming to Broadway. Oh sweet heavenly Jesus.

For those unfortunate few who had to live with me in College….and who I made watch it with me…because I love it…or my roommate Maris Junior year who had to sit through me watching it over and over again because it helped me “Study” for my anatomy tests….psht, I just wanted an excuse to watch it.

“Wit” was originally a played, turned HBO movie, turned play again. It follows a harsh, unwelcoming professor who finds out she has stage 4 Ovarian Cancer…with the classic line ” there is no stage five”. Ugh, love it. You might think that’s weird…but I am weird. Cancer and theater together= amazing in my opinion.

The HBO play starred Emma Thompson, most favorite of favorite British actresses.  It’s almost impossible in my book to do a better job in this role than she did, but Cynthia Nixon is going to give it a try on broadway. She may overact…she may not…she may be great…it’ll be interesting to see her bald in a ballcap….

Either way. this is AWESOME. and I hope hope hope I get the chance to see this in action:


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