Mischief Managed

That’s it. It’s all over. No more books. No more movies…nothing…the world of Harry Potter is stagnant as we know it….ugh….my life feels so empty.. (not really, but yes, I am sad).

I joined the HP train late. At first I thought…a movie about wizards and trolls…no thanks, I shall pass. But, I went to see the fourth one while at school…(and with a broken leg)…and from then on, call me hooked. I blazed through the books, caught up on all the movies, and joined the cult that is harry potter nerds. Proud member since 2005.

P and I went to see Part 2 on Friday night. My oldlady-ness makes it impossible to go to midnight showings because I WILL fall asleep…I fell asleep during a 10:30 showing of Toy Story 3…I’m that old. Show time= 9:10…so getting there at 8:10 seems logical to get a good place in line right? Psht, apparently not, by the time we got there, the giant queue was wrapped around at least 4 times…and we were at the end of it. Surrounded by weird smells as people ate their food court food in line and their drawn on lightning bolts smeared on their faces. Either way, we made it in, got two seats and clutched the chair in excitement as the well known WB sign breezed slowly past us the movie started. It’s interesting to see how the opening has changed over the years. It started all nice and bright blue with a big golden WB charmingly breezing by and ends with a really dark and grey WB slowly approaching in the midst of clouds and creepy music. Hello 180.

It didn’t matter to me if the movie was any good, I WAS going to love it and I did. It probably helped that I had forgotten almost everything from the books except that Harry doesn’t die and there was some stuff about Snape loving Lily Potter…that’s about the extent of my recollection. I found this to be to my advantage as I was still on my seat in anticipation of what was going to happen…Who forgot Harry fake dies? This girl. Oh well.

It’s amazing to look back on the character development and just how much the characters have grown up… Emma Watson…could be one of the most elegant and beautiful young ladies on the planet, major girl crush on her. Neville? where did you come from? You must have grown into your teeth this year or something, because you’re not so awful on the eyes anymore.

My favorite scene though had nothing to do with big battle fights or chamber make outs (even though that was fun). After Snape is killed, Harry captures his tears to take to the pensieve to look back at some of his memories, I wish they had spent more time on this…yes, not as epic visually, but I loved being able to look back on the back story and see some of the gritty details that brought us to this point. Kinda always wanted Snape to live to become Harry’s “Father figure” after that… but…never happened.  Alan Rickman’s a superstar, we knew this would be great…and it was. Bravo.

The epilogue, I hated it just as much as I hated it in the book. It’s stupid. We all know Harry should have ended up with Hermione. Harry and Ginny? please, she’s not worthy. They managed to make all the kids look older except for Emma…she’s just too fresh faced and young looking to look 19 years older with her hair in a twist and dumpy clothes…

One word to describe the movie? Epic. Just Epic. The final showdown between Harry and Voldemort? Amaze-balls. The dialogue and screenplay, best of the bunch. The special effects? Out of this world. Was the movie a complete movie? No, but it’s not supposed to be. Will I look back and just put in part 2? Nope probably not, but I will have no problem dedicating 4 hours of my life to watch part 1 and part 2 together mulitple times.

I can’t really believe it’s over. Denial is where I shall live for awhile. I had a dream last night that I met J.K. Rowling at Adventure Park ( a cheesy family fun center I worked at in High School…and a bit in College…no judging). I obviously groveled at her feet for more…even if it’s just more of the before Harry stuff…Some books about Snape or Dumbledore or McGonagall’sstory would be just lovely. She didn’t answer me because my alarm went off…maybe that’s a good sign?

Either way…The magic began…and now its done. Mischief Managed for sure.


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