In a nut shell…

Our week in St. Kitt’s can be summed up in a few bullet points:

1. American Airlines= we make you late no matter where you are going, and on top of that we’ll lose your luggage and not give you free peanuts. AKA we are stupid.

2. Driving on the left side of the road, at first incredibly terrifying. I had to bite my tongue hard not to scream because I was freaking out P, who actually had to drive…After day 3, I’d say he had the hang of it and my toes stopped clenching the bottom of the floor boards at every turn.

3. We met the President of Columbia (not the Univeristy Meg, the country). Not only did we meet him, but we “let” him take our elevator that we we had been waiting about 3 minutes for…it’s fine, you’re obviously more important that us since you travel with a camera crew, guys with blue tooths, and suits.

4. Taxi’s have weird names on them including some of my favorites; Love Sponge, Ooohhoooo, Hey Man, and Sweetie Man

5. People do Not walk on sidewalks….because they don’t exist…anywhere.

6. Traffic lights? not needed.

7. Seaweed is incredibly abundant…everywhere.

8. No matter how much sunscreen you apply, you will fry….it’s the islands way of making you feel inferior.

9. Animals have the right of way.

10. Air conditioning= fans on fences outside?

11. Did i mention I hate American Airlines?

12. Cats are EVERYWHERE, even at really yummy italian restaurants owned by individuals who will hand out their facebook, skype, phone number, and passport number….normal right.

13. In addition to suffering the pain of a sunburn, because that’s apparently not enough, you’re skin will shed….I get it skin, I’m sorry, doesn’t mean you just have to leave!

14. You have to PAY a tax to leave the airport?????????????????????????Psht.

15. Week with family by pool and ocean= delightful. Even if Curtis and Cameron are the most annoying and poorly behaved children to walk the planet…

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