The great CC debate.

Chinese Fertility Calendar….have you ever heard of such a thing? I hadn’t until recently this year when we started having lots friends and relatives get pregnant. P’s boss introduced him/us to the Chinese fertility calendar….and now, I am obsessed with knowing if this thing is correct! So far, it’s  been correct A LOT. It’s based off your age and the month you conceived, some of them get even more detailed down to the DAY, which I find even more fascinating. So even if it says B for the whole month, another one will say G based upon the week…it’s nutty.

As fascinating as this thing is, it’s probably also horrible that I know about it because it will allow me to think that I can actually plan the gender for when P and I actually do want to have kids….Planning personalities beware…

Still, it’s been a fun lil game trying to guess genders based on a lil Chinese chart… So far, it’s been pretty spot on…by the end of the year I shall have a reliability statistic all accounted for…

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