We’re going…

To St. Kitt’s in 4 days and counting. Flight leaves at 6 am which means our butts will be at Dulles airport at 4am….starbucks and big rimmed glasses on hand.

In typical Lindsey fashion, I brought the suitcase out Sunday night to prepare my week long adventure of packing and unpacking in preparation for potential circumstances on vacation. Will I work out?….(we’ll I dont work out at home, but maybe I will on vacation?? fat chance…) Will we be hiking or zip linining anywhere? ( You are cheap and lazy…what makes you think you would do this?) Will I need 10 different shirts just so I can say I have variety while on vacation? ( I probably will need this).

Sadly, we will be out of the country on the 4th of July, how very un-patriotic of us. We’re not just leaving the country…we’re going to a British Island in the carribbean…how INCREDIBLY unpatriotic of us. Pete thought he would bring the stars and stripes with him by wearing this lil number on the beach…


Don’t worry, this was left in the store, but we will be whistling dixie down there in da Kitts while everyone elses is back home blowing up explosives and getting the ketchup from their hotdog all over their new old navy american tshirt.

Happy and Safe 4th of July ya’ll.

Let’s try and not singe off any eyebrows from sparkler use this year.

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