I think..

My predictions of Melanie Moore winning this season of SYTYCD are pretty on point, specially after this lil treasure last night:

However, I am incredibly frustrated that 18/20 of the contestants conveniently picked their own style of dance last night….Nice try producers, but I’m on to you. What happened to the days where we got to see them pull their dance out of the hat a long with their partner? I no longer trust the randomness.

Also, you are annoying me with the focus on the choreographers… They’re not a part of the competition…we’re spose to be focusing on the dancers right? Yes Travis Wall is really good, but its the same stuff he’s been doing for years and years. Yes, Sonya does really weird things, but thats why ya’ll hired her in the first place? Sigh. And why do all of the dances have to have stories???

Tyce. I love ya man, even though I think you are incredibly arrogant, but you’re choice of music last night? Threw me for a broadway loop. “Me and my Baby” from Chicago is about Roxie Hart trying to gain sympathy from the court room about being pregnant in jail…how does that translate to two lovers chasing each other around the stage?? Doesn’t.

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